Monday, October 22, 2012

Whoosh is how I feel

So the last week has been one of those weeks that makes you wanna say what the hell!! Seriously, it was one thing after another.

First off, I hate hate when you have an appointment and they run late getting to them or they stay for way too long. I understand that they have a job to do, but honestly I think the only one helping is the speech therapist. She's made some progress with my little monster ( the two year old). He's been using his signs and saying his words. It's super cute. The behavior therapist is suppose I say that loosely, helpme with his temper tantrums. But in all honestly, her sitting on her butt "trying" to get him to play isn't helping me. But we will see

Football season is almost over!! Yay!!! We have one last game, which is the Super Bowl! Thank goodness, but then basketball season starts. My 5 year old likes to keep us busy. Between school, football and gymnastics, I may end up with some white hair somewhere. But it's fun I love seeing him excited to do things :-)

Baby girl is doing great! Had her 4 month check up and she's growing right now track. She is a chunky monkey, but that's what happens when you breastfeed! Which I love! I've also been making her baby food, gotta love that baby bullet. It's awesome!!! He favorite food is apples and sweet potatoes. She's discovered her toes she loves to grab them and laugh.

Thursday the boys started running a high fever, so early Friday morning I took them to the dr. They both tested positive for the Flu A. Sucks big time we all had to take a medication so we wouldn't get it. They are finally all better and can go back to our normal routine!! Thank goodness!! I'm ready for Halloween!!!

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