Saturday, October 13, 2012


I came across this page on ETSY one day and noticed this awesome iPhone cases, ( yes, I know ADDICTED). It was pretty cool, it was covered in all kinds of little trinkets for Halloween.

One day, the owner of the shop sent me a message, telling me she could make me a case like it. So here, I am in the mist of my addiction, thinking to myself, heck yea!!! I couldn't resist. I messaged her back to let her know  I would like one. Ever since then, she has been come a good friend. Who would have thought, making a friend while buying an iphone case.

Here is the first case I bought from her. It's awesome, I use it now, for HALLWEEN.

The shops name is grapefruit7625.  She's awesome. Her custom iphone cases are covered top, bottom, sides. I love it!!! i have bought a total of SEVEN, yes you heard me right SEVEN cases from her.

Here are a few of the others that I have gotten from here.

For reals though, whats not to love about these fun cases?

check her out on Facebook:
Instagram : grapefruit7625.

tell her des sent you! 

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