Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend recap

So Saturday was some what eventful! It rained all morning. My poor 5 year old has a cold and had to go out in it to play football. ( mommy fail I should have kept him home!) He had fun though!

When he got back I took him into the weekend clinic because he wasn't feeling too good before the game. Tens out he has an ear infection and upper respiratory infection.!

So I've been just hanging out with the kiddos trying to relax!!!

Look for an awesome baby food making post tomorrow


Friday, September 28, 2012

What a week!!!!!!

So this week went by fast and furious!!!!!  My week in a NUT shell

On Monday, we really didn't have much to do. My oldest had gymnastics and football practice, which is normal for a monday. I also got my pre-ordered copy of the AVENGERS!!!! ( I got it a day earlier then everyone else) I am a bigger Avengers fan!!!!

Tuesday- I bought my oldest a copy of the AVENGERS, because I wasn't gonna share.  I also made some tutu dress and some bows. We took my oldest to football practice and to the book fair. Which he tried to talk me into buying all kinds of books. I think book fairs jack up the prices to sucker parents into buying books. I bet they think, Oh I bet those kids can talk their parents into buying the books they want. Well guess again, I AM NOT A SUCKER.

Wednesday- This was a long and stressful day. My youngest ( 2 years old) woke up at  6 am, and was cranky. His speech therapist and a social worker (deals with behavior) came at 9 am. They did the follow up for the Autism test, which he failed again. He did finally warm up to his speech therapist, which was awesome. She got him to say please and do the sign for it. He now uses both when he wants something. They set up an appointment with a doctor that does a longer Autism test to see what happens and get a diagnosis for him. We had a doctors appointment with his regular doctor to check his ears because he does not like for anyone to mess with them or to touch them. He has fluid behind his ear drums, so he is on a prescription and has a hearing test. If they cant get the fluid to drain, he will have to get tubes put in.  Later that night, we watched the AVENGERS as a family.

Thursday-  We had a semi- normal day. My youngest had a dentist appointment, I was a bit worried how he would act. We got there and I explained to him what was gonna happen. He was kind of scared but was okay with it. When the dentist got to us, he laid in the chair, opened wide and was calm and cool. I was so proud of him for the way he acted. It was AWESOME!!!! We went to Barns and Nobles after and got a couple of books. I am trying to teach my 5 year old responsibility, so I got him a chart. I told him for every week full of smiley faces he will get a dollar. We shall see about this. The baby started rolling over too. It's so cute!!! She is growing like a weed and fast!!! We had football practice and I had a fall festival meeting at my oldest school. ( I had to be there because I am room mom for his class.) We watched the Avengers again lol

Friday- WOAH, WHAT A LONG DAY!!!! We had our homecoming pep rally. That was loud and fun. I had to talk to FORD CREDIT, due to identity theft!! WHAT A PAIN IN THE BUTT!!! I went and did alittle shopping. I got some outfits at BEALS for the baby. It was buy one get one for a $1. It was awesome. I also got some NUBY toys. I plan on putting up some reviews soon on some of my many purchases. Probably tomorrow, I am one TIRED momma.

Well as TIGGER says, TTFN ( TA TA FOR NOW) 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday fun day

Today is my 27th birthday (woohoo for old age lol). The day was quite eventful. I had a great day thanks to my family and friends!! I had the most amazing cake!!! (If you're in the west Texas region check out Jan Gresham at Family traditions, she is amazing) I will post some lovely pictures :-)

I also did some shopping, not just for myself but for the kiddos too! I finally got the baby bullet, and I can't wait to start making my own baby food! But I won't go into that story, it's a whole another post!

It never fails to amaze me that some places have workers who don't wanna work. I waiting for someone at Target to help me for over 5 minutes! I could see the worker staring at me like I was a zombie or something. Seriously, though how hard is it to walk up to the customer and ask if they need help? I wouldn't have freaking pressed the help button if I didn't need it!!! One of those duh moments I guess!

Be on the look out for more post on rants and raves and some product reviews :-)

Here's a picture of my awesome cake

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Favorite things

"these are a few of my favorite things.......when the dog bites, when the bee stings....."

So I thought it would be nice to list a few of my favorite things.


reading ( i love cracking open a new book and smelling the middle of it and the smell of the ink, is the greatest thing!!!)
my nook
Apple ( my iPhone, ipad, macbook)
my iphone case addiction
channing tatum
fifty shades of grey
video games ( xbox, ps3, wii, old school nes)
making bows
make up
my canon rebel xti
all things related to my kiddos
my favorite drink is coca cola ( and something an italian creme soda)
food: pizza
dessert: chocolate cake ( but who could resist a big chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, Not me that's for sure!)
i love all my friends and am always there for them when they need me
metal music


mean and rude people
being dirty
the smell of oil, tar and certain body sprays
being sick
my kiddos being sick

that about sums me up in a nut shell!
feel free to share some of your likes and dislikes

social networks

so in case some of my blog friends would like to know what social networks i am on here is the following list

instagram- Dezzy_Zombie
twitter- rockervampire85
foursquare is linked to my Facebook which is desiree mendez-carter
i am a member of under the name crazydezi85

if you want to be friends on any of these just leave me a comment and let me know how to find you and i will check it out

i will update this list the more i become a member on : )

Friday, September 21, 2012

Life happens....

So these past few weeks I have learned a few things.

One being that football moms are crazy and early games sucks!! But 5 year olds are so cute in the pads and football helmet! I'm not sure my 5 year old really likes the game or not, we've only played one game so far. We will see as more games happen.

The second thing I have learned is patience. Something I don't have. Early last week two ladies from ECI ( early childhood intervention) came out to evaluate my 2 year old son. One being he doesn't talk, scared of people he shouldn't be and having some major out of control, bang your head on the floor temper tantrums. I had mentioned to these lovely ladies, that I had a friend who thought he maybe autistic. Well when she told me I took the M-chat which scored him at a high risk.

I talked about it with them and they said they would evaluate him for it. He was enrolled in their program and now come 4 times a month to help him with his speech. Which is hard at times because he doesn't like strangers and its hard to get him I open up.

Next week will be tough. Another lady will be coming on Wednesday to follow up with the m-chat and get him into doctors that deal with autism. It's hard to cope with all of it. Knowing that my poor little guy. No parent likes to hear that something is wrong with one of there children. I plan on buying books and learning more about it, so that I can help him more.

On a positive note, the baby is growing like a weed! She thinks she's older then she is. She's been trying to sit up on her own and trying to roll over. The cooing, talking and laughing has started and it's so cute. We love it! Her brothers adore her!

I finally got a nook color (which I love and would recommend it to anyone!!)! I read the whole Fifty Shades of Grey series and let me say OMGEEE! ThAy was the best series, I hope she writes more! It was so good and I just love Mr. Grey!!!

I finally got to start making bows and tutu dress! Came up with a name for my shop, Dezi's House of Bowz!!! I really love doing it! It helps relax me and take my mind off of the days stress!

On a later note.... Till next time this is the crazy life of a mom with three great kids!!