Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Almost over

The month of November has gone by super fast. I wish time would slow down. I'm not sure if anyone reads my blog but its my way of venting. I'm so tired of immature people in this town it's ridiculous!! Some major points I'd like to touch on:

* you're jealous of a five year old!!! Grow up that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of! Just because I can provide for my kids doesn't mean I buy their love! So grow up and get over it!!!! Some family members ought be left out for a reason, hence why i stick to my family.

*my dad had to have a surgery this past week and he's home doing great! I'm so glad it's gonna be a long recovery time with him home but I will help to the best of my abilities,just glad he won't be in the pain he was in.

*the kids are doing great :-) I can't believe how big they are getting. Sometimes I wish time would slow down.

I'm going to start living day to day and keep to my self. Life is to short to be mad and angry. I hate drama and immature people! I'll be here for my family but certain ones can leave me and my kids alone

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Husta la vista October hello November

Well October has come and gone :-( so sad I love Halloween! But I love Turkey even more. All the yummy treats like pumpkin pie and pecan pie! My momma makes all these from scratch!!

Yesterday oct 31st, was very eventful! Middle kiddo had his finally autism evaluation yesterday. They really don't think it's autism( big sigh of relief) but they aren't a 100 % sure since he's only 2. They plan on evaluating him when he turns 3. They also think its just his lack of speech and that once he starts talking that he'll be okay but won't know for sure till he's 3.

My oldest has finished football. Thank goodness. He got a cool little trophy, his first one. He was uber excited :-)
Now we start basketball :-)

Baby girl had her first Halloween, which was fun. She's also running for baby miss Christmas :-) so lots of fundraising to earn money for her to win. As of today, (nov 1) she is five months old.

I'm still baking and making bows :-) when I have the time. But hey that's the crazy life of a mom of 3!

Review on Halloween Printables

    I got to do a cool review from, they sent me their Halloween printables. It took me a while to get it done do to my kids being sick. I thought since it was for Halloween, I would print some out and send it with my 5 year old to school. I print the Halloween color sheets.  There were a few color sheets that I would say not age appropriate. So I just printed the ones I thought would be good for 5 year olds.

There were some really cute coloring sheets. I was not able to be there when my son handed them out to his class, but his teacher told me they loved them. I would highly recommend

They do not have the halloween special anymore, but they will have other fun printables available, just go to

You can also check them out on twitter and on facebook

I was going to post a few pictures but I can not get them to show up.
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