Monday, October 22, 2012

Whoosh is how I feel

So the last week has been one of those weeks that makes you wanna say what the hell!! Seriously, it was one thing after another.

First off, I hate hate when you have an appointment and they run late getting to them or they stay for way too long. I understand that they have a job to do, but honestly I think the only one helping is the speech therapist. She's made some progress with my little monster ( the two year old). He's been using his signs and saying his words. It's super cute. The behavior therapist is suppose I say that loosely, helpme with his temper tantrums. But in all honestly, her sitting on her butt "trying" to get him to play isn't helping me. But we will see

Football season is almost over!! Yay!!! We have one last game, which is the Super Bowl! Thank goodness, but then basketball season starts. My 5 year old likes to keep us busy. Between school, football and gymnastics, I may end up with some white hair somewhere. But it's fun I love seeing him excited to do things :-)

Baby girl is doing great! Had her 4 month check up and she's growing right now track. She is a chunky monkey, but that's what happens when you breastfeed! Which I love! I've also been making her baby food, gotta love that baby bullet. It's awesome!!! He favorite food is apples and sweet potatoes. She's discovered her toes she loves to grab them and laugh.

Thursday the boys started running a high fever, so early Friday morning I took them to the dr. They both tested positive for the Flu A. Sucks big time we all had to take a medication so we wouldn't get it. They are finally all better and can go back to our normal routine!! Thank goodness!! I'm ready for Halloween!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

life -october

  So this month has been alittle hectic. Football season is almost over for my oldest ( YAY). Then basketball starts. He keeps me busy with football, school, and gymnastics.  He's had to sell cookie dough, raffle tickets for a bbq pit and meal tickets for his school's fall festival. Which means I've been having to sell them for him.

 My other little monster ( two year old), is doing great in speech therapy, he's using signs and saying the word. He goes for a hearing test in November to see if he will need tubes. His final autism test is at the end of the month. We will see how that goes.

I recently discovered, I have a serious IPHONE CASE ADDICTION. Which I am okay with lol.
I am still making bows and tutus, which  I love doing. Since this month is halloween, I will be doing some fun Halloween baking.

The baby girl is doing great. She is four months now, eating baby food, rolling over from back to tummy and tummy to back.

but that is all for now we are off to football


I came across this page on ETSY one day and noticed this awesome iPhone cases, ( yes, I know ADDICTED). It was pretty cool, it was covered in all kinds of little trinkets for Halloween.

One day, the owner of the shop sent me a message, telling me she could make me a case like it. So here, I am in the mist of my addiction, thinking to myself, heck yea!!! I couldn't resist. I messaged her back to let her know  I would like one. Ever since then, she has been come a good friend. Who would have thought, making a friend while buying an iphone case.

Here is the first case I bought from her. It's awesome, I use it now, for HALLWEEN.

The shops name is grapefruit7625.  She's awesome. Her custom iphone cases are covered top, bottom, sides. I love it!!! i have bought a total of SEVEN, yes you heard me right SEVEN cases from her.

Here are a few of the others that I have gotten from here.

For reals though, whats not to love about these fun cases?

check her out on Facebook:
Instagram : grapefruit7625.

tell her des sent you! 

Review-Lavish by Nelly

  So as some people know, I have a huge addiction to iphone cases.  Seriously, it is bad, I have a ton. I could literally change my case every day of the week and still have some that wont be used. ( laughing to my self,  I need Iphone Case Addiction hotline)

   Anyways, I came across this lovely lady name Nelly, she makes custom iphone cases, jewelry, and more. Her facebook page is Lavish by Nelly. She is a sweetheart, and very creative. If you asked me, I would give her a million stars and likes on Facebook.

  I purchased 3 cases from her recently, ( one my niece has so i wasn't able to get a picture of it.)

These are the two that I use. I love them lots. When you email Nelly, she will ask you what type of design or them you want. She sends you the basic layout of the main pieces,  to see you that is okay with you. Once you pay her, she begins the fun process of glue all those tiny rhinestones on. ( I would go nuts trying to do that) 

She is a fast worker and shipper. I have never had a problem with my cases being messed up in the mail. She packages them pretty good. She's one awesome little lady. 

So, if you're in the need of a blinged out iphone case give Lavish by Nelly a shot out on Facebook.

She also has instagram at : LAVISHbyNelly

Thursday, October 11, 2012


so ive been gone for a while and didnt know my weekend recap. i kinda forgot and it was rainy and cold all weekend and week. i will have new things posted this weekend :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A recent purchase

 I recently made a purchase from The Mollie Shop, for a cute little doll that this awesome store owner made.  This was my first purchase from the shop. I bought a couple of bow and the doll. When I saw this Mollie Dollie, I fell in love. I just knew my baby girl would love it.

   The doll, I got is Wendy the Witch. She is the Halloween edition.  She is so cute and soft. Wendy has the same bows that I bought for my baby girl.

Since this was my first buy from the shop, I was not sure what they would look like. I was very pleased and happy when they came in. If someone asked me about the dollie, I would recommend The Mollie Shop, to anyone and everyone.

Be sure to check her out on her Facebook page and her Twitter page

Cook'n Recipe Organizer

   I got the chance to do a review over the Cook'n Recipe Organizer from DVO  I was super excited to see what this Cook'n Recipe Organizer was.  I love to cook and bake, but I hate having to search everywhere for my recipes. In the Cook'n Recipe Organizer, it organizes them so that it is easier to find what you are need.

   I can honestly say, that I would recommend the Cook'n Recipe Organizer to everyone I know. I personally, think as a mom of three kids that this comes in handy. It keeps my recipes from getting messed up by the kids, keeps them all in one spot and keeps them neatly organized.

   The following pictures will show you how this neat Cook'n Recipe Organizer works and looks.

When you start the Cook'n Recipe Organizer up, this is how it look. It may look alittle different on some computers, I use a Macbook Pro. 

This is how the Cookbook library looks like. It list all the categories that the cook book has to offer.  You can click on the different topics and check out the different topics. 

The Cook'n Recipe Organizer, has a feature where you can add your own personal recipes too it. I personally love this feature! 

If you would like to check out the Cook'n Recipe Organizer, look for their facebook page at or their website 

I give this awesome Cook'n Recipe Organizer 4 awesome stars!!!!!!

Till next time-

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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