Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday fun day

Today is my 27th birthday (woohoo for old age lol). The day was quite eventful. I had a great day thanks to my family and friends!! I had the most amazing cake!!! (If you're in the west Texas region check out Jan Gresham at Family traditions, she is amazing) I will post some lovely pictures :-)

I also did some shopping, not just for myself but for the kiddos too! I finally got the baby bullet, and I can't wait to start making my own baby food! But I won't go into that story, it's a whole another post!

It never fails to amaze me that some places have workers who don't wanna work. I waiting for someone at Target to help me for over 5 minutes! I could see the worker staring at me like I was a zombie or something. Seriously, though how hard is it to walk up to the customer and ask if they need help? I wouldn't have freaking pressed the help button if I didn't need it!!! One of those duh moments I guess!

Be on the look out for more post on rants and raves and some product reviews :-)

Here's a picture of my awesome cake

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