Friday, September 21, 2012

Life happens....

So these past few weeks I have learned a few things.

One being that football moms are crazy and early games sucks!! But 5 year olds are so cute in the pads and football helmet! I'm not sure my 5 year old really likes the game or not, we've only played one game so far. We will see as more games happen.

The second thing I have learned is patience. Something I don't have. Early last week two ladies from ECI ( early childhood intervention) came out to evaluate my 2 year old son. One being he doesn't talk, scared of people he shouldn't be and having some major out of control, bang your head on the floor temper tantrums. I had mentioned to these lovely ladies, that I had a friend who thought he maybe autistic. Well when she told me I took the M-chat which scored him at a high risk.

I talked about it with them and they said they would evaluate him for it. He was enrolled in their program and now come 4 times a month to help him with his speech. Which is hard at times because he doesn't like strangers and its hard to get him I open up.

Next week will be tough. Another lady will be coming on Wednesday to follow up with the m-chat and get him into doctors that deal with autism. It's hard to cope with all of it. Knowing that my poor little guy. No parent likes to hear that something is wrong with one of there children. I plan on buying books and learning more about it, so that I can help him more.

On a positive note, the baby is growing like a weed! She thinks she's older then she is. She's been trying to sit up on her own and trying to roll over. The cooing, talking and laughing has started and it's so cute. We love it! Her brothers adore her!

I finally got a nook color (which I love and would recommend it to anyone!!)! I read the whole Fifty Shades of Grey series and let me say OMGEEE! ThAy was the best series, I hope she writes more! It was so good and I just love Mr. Grey!!!

I finally got to start making bows and tutu dress! Came up with a name for my shop, Dezi's House of Bowz!!! I really love doing it! It helps relax me and take my mind off of the days stress!

On a later note.... Till next time this is the crazy life of a mom with three great kids!!


  1. When Taylor was in ECI, we had the same lady come out every single week. It's weird to me that they're sending out different people. :/

  2. They are the same 3 people that come at different times