Thursday, November 1, 2012

Husta la vista October hello November

Well October has come and gone :-( so sad I love Halloween! But I love Turkey even more. All the yummy treats like pumpkin pie and pecan pie! My momma makes all these from scratch!!

Yesterday oct 31st, was very eventful! Middle kiddo had his finally autism evaluation yesterday. They really don't think it's autism( big sigh of relief) but they aren't a 100 % sure since he's only 2. They plan on evaluating him when he turns 3. They also think its just his lack of speech and that once he starts talking that he'll be okay but won't know for sure till he's 3.

My oldest has finished football. Thank goodness. He got a cool little trophy, his first one. He was uber excited :-)
Now we start basketball :-)

Baby girl had her first Halloween, which was fun. She's also running for baby miss Christmas :-) so lots of fundraising to earn money for her to win. As of today, (nov 1) she is five months old.

I'm still baking and making bows :-) when I have the time. But hey that's the crazy life of a mom of 3!

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